Crown Replacement

Replace Your Crown, Transform Your Smile

Crown replacement has both oral hygiene and aesthetics benefits. After some time, you will need to replace your dental crowns. Dental crowns are tooth shaped covers usually placed by the dentist over the tooth. Their purpose is to fortify a tooth, restore its size, shape, and better its appearance. Over time, a crown may deteriorate and become less effective. If that happens, it dulls your smile and you need to visit a dentist who will replace the faulty crown.

Reasons for Crown Replacement

Crown Becomes Chipped (Damaged)

This is common with porcelain crowns and those made of metal fused with porcelain. Composite resin is used to seal small chips temporarily. Extensive chips require that the entire crown be replaced.

Loose Crown

Sometimes the cement underneath the crown erodes leaving the crown hanging loose. The formed cavity between the tooth and the crown becomes a place where the bacteria hides and causes the tooth to decay. If you feel a crown loosening, you should see a dentist.

Crown Comes Off

A crown may fall off due to the decay of the covered tooth or erosion of cement from underneath the crown. If such happens you will need to have a dentist clean the tooth and cover it with a new crown. Some people chose to temporary solve the problem by cleaning the tooth and the crown with toothpaste and putting the crown back in place using dental adhesive.

Sensitivity or Discomfort

At times just after a fresh installation of a dental crown (s), you may experience come discomfort or sensitivity. This is normal especially if the crowned tooth has live nerves within it. This is normal and it should fade over time. In such instances most dentist recommend the use of special toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth. If you experience discomfort when you bite down on food, this might mean that the crown is not properly fitted. In most instances it is fitted too high on the tooth. If you experience such type of discomfort, you should visit your dentist and have them replace the crown properly.

Dark Line on Crowned Tooth

A dark line may appear next to the gums at the edge of the crown. The dark line is the metallic part of the crown showing. The line becomes visible when the crown slides out of place just after installation. It may also mean that the dentist did not place the crown correctly and left a gap. The gap may accumulate bacteria which is not good for your oral hygiene. Also, the dark line just below your gums just above the crowned tooth is visually unflattering. Replacing the crown to get it fitted properly is necessary to restore grace to your smile.

Excessive Wearing Out of the Crown

Depending on how much wear and tear a dental crown is exposed to, it may not last more than five years. People who grind their teeth constantly usually cause their crowns to wear out sooner. In case of worn out dental crowns replacement is necessary to assist in restoring beauty.

Receding Gums

When you have receding gums, the gums pull away from the crown leaving a gap between the gum and the crown. The resulting picture is unsightly. If such a thing happens, you need to arrange for a dental crown replacement procedure. The dentist will fix the problem and give you a transformed smile.

Available Crown Replacement Options

The choice of dental crown has a bearing on how beautiful your smile will turn out to be as well as the durability of the installed crown. Nowadays, new types of crowns have been introduced to the market to cover different people’s needs and preferences. You should chose a dental crown type that compliments your smile. Here is a list of some of the most reliable types of dental crowns.


These look natural which is why they are well suited for use on front teeth. They are made of pure porcelain

Bonded Porcelain

This type of crown is made of porcelain plus a metal. The metal is usually coated with layers of porcelain. This type is stronger than pure porcelain crowns due to its metallic composition.


They are made of glass and they look just like natural teeth. They are used to crown both front and back teeth.


They look natural and they may be used on any type of teeth in the oral cavity.
Crown replacement is a delicate procedure. It requires the skills of a well-trained and professional dentist. When done properly, it should help restore a brilliant and youthful smile in you. If you would like to inquire more about dental crown replacement please do not hesitate to contact us. We will properly guide you through a satisfactory crown replacement procedure.