Downtown Shreveport dentistry: Stop Tooth Decay in it’s Tracks

Downtown Shreveport dentistry, Dr. Chris Mott, Explains How To Stop Tooth Decay in it’s Tracks

There are hundreds of different bacteria that live in our mouths without causing any harm. Unfortunately there are also many bad types of bacteria which can cause problems for us such as tooth decay. When plaque- a sticky film on teeth which harbors bacteria- doesn’t get removed from your teeth through regular brush and flossing it can lead to tooth decay and other complications to your dental health. But other than regular brushing, flossing, are there are things you can do to ensure that you don’t have to deal with tooth decay? Of course!

Use fluoride to strengthen your teeth and prevent tooth decay from building to a dangerous level. Fluoride water, toothpaste, gel, tablets or mouth rinses might be recommended by your doctor to avert to reverse cavities.

Children are more prone to cavities due to their diet and less disciplined brushing habits. Parents must be very careful of what they feed their tots to avoid creating an environment for bacteria to thrive. To help prevent cavities and tooth decay in your children, you should limit the number of snacks between meals, fruit juice and avoid sugary foods before bedtime especially if they have already brushed. As a parent it is your duty to teach your kids to brush their teeth until they can do it by themselves. Encourage them to brush at least twice a day and spit out all the paste to avoid dental fluorosis that comes from excess fluoride.

It is important to do your best to avoid cavities at home but it is also key to enlist a downtown Shreveport dentist such as Dr. Chris Mott. He is a licensed professional who has spent years dedicated to helping people prevent cavities and keep themselves healthy. He can offer practical solutions to patients.

Downtown Shreveport Dentistry, Dr Mott

Dr Chris Mott

Dr. Mott, an experienced downtown Shreveport dentist, offers advanced solutions such as sealants to protect the chewing surfaces of teeth upon which food particles get stuck. It is important to take children to see a dentist regularly so that they can get rid of dental plaque and check for early signs of tooth decay. Teach your child how to properly brush their teeth and schedule their next dentist appointment.

Cavities are a serious dental health issue that affects people of all ages and should not be ignored. Left untreated, they pose a serious health problem that could forever damage a child’s health and self-image. Cavities are associated with serious conditions like high blood pressure and heart disease. It is important to deal with cavities through the guidance of experts such as Dr. Mott, a local downtown Shreveport dentist.