Bossier family dentist: How Medications Can Effect Your Oral Health

Bossier Family Dentist: How Medications Can Effect Your Oral Health

Bossier family dentist, Dr. Chris Mott Answers Your Questions…

Bossier family dentist, Dr. Chris Mott

Dr Mott

Bossier family dentist, Dr. Chris Mott has been receiving quite a few questions from his patients regarding medications and how they may be affecting your overall oral health. A majority of people are convinced that only sweet and sugary foods that can cause teeth diseases. However, there is certainly far more that can have negative effects. Medicine that are commonly taken when sick have the potential to cause dangerous dental problems in one way or another. There are many commonly used medicines that can be just as bad as sugar for your oral health. It is important to visit qualified clinics such as Dr. Chris Mott, a Bossier family dentist, to maintain your oral health especially if you take any of these medicines.

Asthma Inhalers

Inhalers contain beta agonist, an aerosol medication. Studies show that this drug can cause tooth decay because of its acidic content. If you do not brush and rinse you mouth properly after using this medication, your teeth will start experiencing changes. Teeth often begin turning brown on the inside and will start to feel rougher if you feel them with your tongue. Without serious dental hygiene, these problems can develop into serious dental problems.


Antibiotics are known to often cause discoloration in the teeth. For instance, tetracycline, a common antibiotic is known to cause brown stripes on the teeth when given to children whose teeth are still forming. This antibiotic combines with calcium in the teeth to produce a brown colored stain. High dosage of antibiotics such tetracycline can cause your teeth to darken. Additionally, frequent use of antibacterial mouthwash may cause a thrush. If not taken wisely, antibiotics can cause erythema multiforme, which can lead to the development of blisters and sores in the mouth.


Research shows that antihistamines can affect salivary glands. They can block the glands from releasing saliva thereby causing dry mouth, which can then result in gum diseases. Gum disease causes the gums to pull away from the teeth and form pockets. These pockets often become infected, loosen the gums, and may cause the teeth to fall off.

Blood Pressure Tablets

Medical studies indicate that pill used to control blood pressure can cause the gum to overgrow. In such a condition, it becomes even harder to clean the teeth well, and can lead to gum inflammations. If not treated, this condition affects the tooth’s supporting tissues and can result in severe tooth loss.

Osteoporosis Drugs

Bossier family dentist, Dr. Chris Mott explains that “studies show that oral bisphosphonates can lead to bone damage and jaw infection. Also, the drug inhibits proper flow of the blood into the bone supporting the teeth. The jaw becomes weak, brittle, and even infected. Medical studies show that between one and six percent of individuals who take bisphosphonate drugs develop this condition.”


Antidepressants can cause dry mouth and bleeding. They inhibit molecules that activate the salivary glands to secrete saliva.

Contraceptive pills

Some commonly used contraceptive pills lead to bleeding and inflammation of the gums.
The primary objective of using medicine is to cure the health complication you are suffering from. However, the drugs that we take can have many side effects as far as dental health is concerned. If proper care is not taken, these drugs will cause serious problems in the long run. If you are struggling with any of the above dental problems, you need to visit a dentist such as the Dr. Chris Mott, a Bossier family dentist for a check up. We are an established dental clinic that is interested in keeping you educated and helping people with different dental problems. Dr. Mott is a friendly and courteous dentist ready at your service. Our modern facility and dental technology are what gives us an edge in our services and area. Whether you require teeth removal, whitening, alignment, fillings, dental crowns and many more, get them done by a professional Bossier family dentist, like Dr. Chris Mott.