Shreveport Family Dentist: How To Keep Your Teeth & Gums Healthy During The Holidays

Shreveport Family Dentist

The end of the year is filled with so much merry. Pomp and color fill the air as festivities take over the normal drudgery of life. Accompanying this festive season is an unending supply of sugary treats. And just because it’s the holiday season, you indulge yourself, and not a little.

With the holiday spirit starting in Halloween, spreading through Thanksgiving, then Christmas and New Year, it is no wonder there is such a plentiful supply of sugary treats. Something in the sweetness of all these cakes, cookies, and a world of candies seem to capture the spirit of the season. Yet at the end of the festivities you will still require your teeth, making it paramount that you practice good oral care with the help of your local Shreveport family dentist, Dr. Chris Mott.

In order to keep a handle on not overdoing the sugary delights, you can try put up some preventive measures. This could involve having a candy cop monitoring the consumption of treats for everyone, “pulling over” anyone who is seen overindulging. This would be a tough call, which leads you to option two which would involve a house-wide crackdown on anything sweet and sugary. You could prevent anybody in your vicinity from indulging in those heavenly delights. But that would take away a sweet piece of the festivities, not to mention, put you in danger of going into candy searching “rage” when you lose control. This would leave your teeth in a worse off state with sugar entrails. So where does that leave you?

Shreveport family dentist, Dr. Chris Mott, gives a good solution on how to indulge in your sweet delights whistle still keeping your teeth and gums in good shape during these festivities as well as throughout the year.

He advises that the best way to fight the acidic environment brought on by indulging is to brush at least twice a day for at least 2 minutes while flossing at least once a day. He insists that you should ensure every tooth’s surfaces have been cleaned. He says that this is the basic care which can then be supplemented using mouth wash.

While this may seem to be everyday sense to some, to a majority of us, our thoughts in the festivities are on how many candies will satisfy our sweet tooth and not on brushing. It goes a long way to be reminded that brushing twice a day for at least two minutes and using floss and rinsing off with mouthwash can play a big role in reducing the chances of tooth decay in this season.

A very interesting fact to know is that products that have Xylitol, have the potential to help prevent tooth decay. Xylitol is a natural ingredient that has the power to reduce plaque formation. It is a natural carbohydrate that mimics sugar in taste. It is said that using a Xylitol product at least five times a day gives the best results helping you get a clean bill of health from the Shreveport family dentist, Dr. Chris Mott. The good news here for us sweet lovers is this: that besides being used in products like toothpaste and mouthwash products made by companies like Biotene, Xylitol is used to make mouth watering treats like lollipops, caramels, gourmet chocolate, peanut butter and toasted toffee. The list does not stop there but also includes jell-o puddings and orbit gum, and many more add on to the list.

This means that having an assortment of sugary products made from Xylitol helps reduce plaque formation when you use them regularly. That is the best news for the festive season and the need to maintain healthy teeth and gums.  

It is possible to keep your oral care in the clear by following simple, everyday steps as advised by the shreveport family dentist. This season and through the year you will have not just a beautiful smile to show, but a healthy and attractive mouth to go with it.